The Wave Relay Ecosystem is far more than an advanced mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) solution, and extends further than the standard 'self-forming' and 'self-healing' mesh networks.

The Wave Relay MANET is continuously learning and adapting to changes in environmental conditions, quickly maximizing your connectivity and the performance of your communications.


Using the Wave Relay MANET's proprietary routing algorithm, users can integrate a vast array of meshed devices throughout the network, allowing the meshed devices to become the communications infrastructure.


Wave Relay MPU5

The Wave Relay MPU5 ties together all your critical data in real time - providing command and control throughout the entire battle space. Providing high speed data, video, voice and an on board Android computer system makes this the most scalable, advanced and efficient Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking radio in the world.


Wave Relay DualPTT

The Wave Relay Dual PTT provides access to multiple talk groups on a single radio. With the ability to access Radio-Over-IP gateways across your network with just the press of a button, talk on multiple talk groups at one time, and adjust channel and volume of each talk group from the one device, the Dual PTT allows you to carry less and communicate more.


Wave Relay Embedded Module

Unite all of your unmanned vehicles and sensors onto a single network using the most scalable, advanced and efficient Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking radios new SWaP-timized form factor: The Embedded Module. Eliminate redundant equipment from your platform but using the onboard Android computer and HD video encoder to minimise and focus your payload carriage.


An EUD for End Users – Your direct interface to the networked battlefield. Complete situational awareness is now at your fingertips. Connect the RDC to the MPU5 to enable Command & Control of unmanned systems, TAK operations, streaming HD video, Wave Relay® MANET configuration, and more.



Integrated Sector Antennas enable the creation of fixed coverage over massive geographic areas. Cover all your assets on the ground with the power of the Wave Relay® MANET – from military bases and wild-land firefighters to the border patrol and port/maritime security, the Integrated Antenna Series keeps you connected.


Cloud Relay

Cloud Relay™ functions in conjunction with Persistent Systems Wave Relay® MPU5 to provide situational awareness, video and voice to any location in the world. Using BLOS bearers such as SATCOM, 3G/4G or ADSL, you can extend your Layer 2 MANET network seamlessly to anywhere it needs to be accessed.


Deployable in five, easy-to-transport cases, the Auto-Tracking Antenna System is a ruggedised product that creates long range connections to the MPU5 or Embedded Module, keeping you in constant communication with your airborne systems. Creating a long range, high throughput link to your unmanned or manned airborne systems has never been so easy.



The GVR5 provides simultaneous, dual-band, robust, low latency, and high-capacity networked communications among tracked and wheeled ground vehicles, and among ground vehicles and Wave Relay® MANET-equipped aircraft