Maintain constant operability, regardless of power source.

The SPM-622 supports a wide range of military applications by enabling the operator to maintain constant operability of radios, satellite phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices – regardless of power source.

The SPM-622 can draw, or ‘scavenge’, power from any source batteries, solar blankets, vehicle power outlets, or the local A/C power grid. The device then automatically converts that power to run electronic equipment, as well as simultaneously charging one or more batteries.

Thanks to the SPM’s intelligent power management system no special configuration or programming is needed in order to convert and manage the power that the unit is drawing, or passing through. The result is that the warfighter can carry fewer batteries and also actively monitor and manage power usage for greater operational efficiency – even in the most austere operational environments.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is rugged, reliable, easy-to-use and operationally proven. Thousands of them are currently in use with all US DoD branches, USSOCOM components, international SOF, and specialist roles such as JTAC, EOD, Para-Rescue and Medics.

Protonex SPM Wireframe



  • Dimensions

    • 3.1 × 11.2 × 8.1cm (H×L×W)

  • Weight

    • 450 g

  • Color

    • Desert Sand

  • Operating Temperature

    • -20 to 60°C​


  • Number of Connectors - Six Bidirectional

  • Port Voltage - 3–34 VDC

  • Port Max Power

    • 150 Watts (14V nom),

    • 300 Watts (28V nom)

  • Port Max Current - 10 Amps

  • Battery Voltage - 10–34V DC, 12-28V Nominal

  • Port Protection: Over-voltage, Over-current, Shortcircuit, Reverse Polarity, Surge, EMI

  • Protection Reset - Automatic Self-reset

  • Data Interface - USB Port


  • ​Sequential Charge

    • Up to Five Batteries

  • Military Battery Support

    • BB-2590, BB-2557, 28V Vehicle, Conformal Wearable Battery, etc.

  • Commercial Battery Support

    • AA, AAA, RCR-123, 12V Vehicle and more

  • Smart Charging

    • SMBus 1.1 and SMBus 2.0 Support,

  • All Ports


  • ​Harvester Ports

    • Up to Two

  • Harvest Range

    • 4–34V DC

  • Solar Algorithm

    • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

  • Primary Battery Harvesting

    • Automatic

  • Fuel Cell Interface/Control

    • Automatic