Portable Ground-To-Air System.

Introducing the Auto-Tracking Antenna System - a deployable system that works in concert with the MPU5 radio to deliver high throughput at long ranges to keep you in constant communication with your aircraft. Disassembling into five, easy-to-transport cases, the system can travel with you wherever you go. Long range high throughput communication to manned and unmanned aircraft has never been so simple.

The Tracking System was designed for both rapid deployment and ease of use. Two people can set up the tracker in under 15 minutes to provide high throughput at long ranges. The system collapses into multiple, lightweight transport cases for easy portability, allowing you to set the Auto-Tracking Antenna anywhere without compromising performance.

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna feeds provide long range and high throughput. All of the MPU5’s MIMO capabilities such as spatial multiplexing, maximal ratio combining, and other diversity transmission/reception techniques work perfectly with the tracking system. The tracker’s MIMO optimized design provides high bandwidth connectivity to manned and unmanned aircraft at distances further than ever before.

Mission success requires connectivity to all of your sensors and HD cameras over vast geographic distances. Data exfiltration requirements continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. The Auto-Tracking Antenna System enables you to transmit your data faster and further than ever before. The MPU5’s layer-2 connectivity connects all of your payloads to the enterprise.



  • Total Weight

    • 117 lbs. / 53.1 kg (system only)

    • 233.5 lbs. / 106 kg in cases

  • Number of Cases

    • (5) rollable carrying cases with custom foam

  • Total Case Volume

    • 30ft cubed

  • Assembly/Setup Time (not including configuration)

    • 15 minutes, 2 person

  • Operating Temperature

    • -15°C to +55°C

  • Environmental Ratings

    • IP67


  • Elevation

  • -5° to +82°

  • Pan

  • 360º continuous rotation

  • Pointing Accuracy

  • <1º

  • Calibration

  • Self-calibration via automatic heading system


  • Antenna Gain

    • L-Band: 24 dBi

    • S-Band: 28 dBi

    • Lower C-Band: 35 dBi

    • Upper C-Band: 36 dBi

  • Beamwidth

    • L-Band: 10º

    • S-Band: 6º

    • Lower C-Band: 3º

    • Upper C-Band: 2.5º

  • Polarization

    • Dual Polarized

    • Twist-lock change between Vertical/Horizontal and Slant 45º polarization


  • Input Voltage

  • 100 - 240 VAC

  • 18-34 VDC (Compatible with BB-2557, BB-2590, and BA-5590 batteries or equivalent)

  • Max. Power Consumption

  • 200W