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Not your average baseband.

Voyager’s extensive range of rugged, low SWaP, deployable network modules allow customization based on mission demands and optimized size, weight, and power (SWaP). Voyager modules have customized electrical, mechanical, and network components to provide a high number of features in compact packages.

Voyager’s modules are solid-state, MIL-STD-810G compliant, conduction-cooled, have sealed enclosures and contain no internal fans or moving parts for maximum reliability and limited maintenance.

Modules are designed with a common form factor to compliment any Voyager chassis and allow for upgrades as new technology arises.



The VoyagerESR is the core routing and switching module in the Voyager networking system. It has more capability in a smaller form factor than any other networking module on the market. It contains a Cisco 5915 ESR with a Klas-designed switch for increased capability and function


Voyager5940 embeds the Cisco 5940 ESR in a Voyager module format for easy integration in a Voyager chassis. Cisco 5940 ESR is a high-performance, ruggedized router designed for use  in harsh environments offering reliable operation in extreme temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions.


Originally designed for markets where ruggedization and low SWaP are critical, the Voyager Embedded Router m-Series (VoyagerERm) offers the same Cisco 5915 ESR capability as the VoyagerESR in half the size and without compromising on feature set and capability.



VoyagerSW14 is a managed Ethernet switch with 12 Fast Ethernet ports (4 PoE enabled), 2 GigE ports and a removable storage option to hold configuration data. It is configurable using a Cisco IoS-style CLI. VoyagerSW14 integrates seamlessly with the Cisco 5915 ESR in VoyagerESR and supports critical Cisco VoIP switching features such as VLAN trunking and CDP


VoyagerSW24 increases the user port density on the Voyager system while maintaining the same small size and weight of a standard Voyager module.

VoyagerSW24 ruggedizes the Cisco ESS 2020 switch while adding additional power features to deliver a highly capable, industry standard product.


The Voyager Embedded Switch m-Series (VoyagerESm) contains the same Layer 3 switch designed by Klas Telecom but has fewer ports for reduced SWaP operations. It contains 4 Fast Ethernet ports, all of which are PoE enabled, a Gigabit Ethernet switch port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, console management port and a removable configuration storage for increased security, persona portability and simplified sparing.



The VoyagerSW26G leverages the Cisco ESS 3300 switch to provide 24 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) access ports and two 10 Gb SFP+ uplink ports in a Voyager module form factor package that is built to meet military standards for ruggedization. Eight Ethernet ports provide native Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality with software visibility.



Klas Telecom’s VoyagerVM platform meets the need to push applications and services forward to the dismount soldier and comes in the same small form factor that is standard across all Voyager networking modules. It is based on a common carrier board with an expanded set of physical interfaces demanded for tactical operations, such as Ethernet, console, DisplayPort/HDMI and removable solid-state storage.


VoyagerVMm offers an Intel 5th Gen i5 compute platform in a fanless, half-size module format.

With support for 32GB RAM and dual-core performance, VoyagerVMm supports VMware virtualization for Guest Operating support such as Riverbed WAN Acceleration, Cisco ASAv and Cisco CUCM.


Virtualization technologies have changed the deployment models of many common server-based applications.

Klas Telecom has developed the VoyagerVMX platform as a modular system based on a common carrier board with an expanded set of physical interfaces, such as Ethernet, Console and DisplayPort/HDMI.


Klas Telecom’s VoyagerVM 3.0 platform meets the need to push applications and services forward to the dismount soldier and comes in the same small form factor that is standard across all Voyager networking modules.

The VoyagerVM 3.0 leverages the power of the Intel® Xeon® D-1539 8-core processor to provide a modular system with the physical interfaces demanded for tactical operations, such as Ethernet, console, 10 Gb SFP+ ports, dual removable solid-state storage and NVMe-based VIK+ with 512GB storage. All contained in a ruggedized, low power consumption Voyager module form-factor.



VoyagerNAS provides 32 TB of network attached storage (NAS) in a Voyager form factor. VoyagerNAS has 8 x 2.5” SATA I/II/III Solid State Disks protected using a battery-backed hardware RAID controller.



Fueled by Cistech Solutions technology, VoyagerEMm is an integrated Radio over IP (RoIP) system with interfaces for radio, Ethernet and handset audio. With ultra-low power requirements, VoyagerEMm is ideal for battery powered applications where SWaP is critical.

The VoyagerEMm provides quad band radio re-trans capabilities with inbuilt IP stream mixing to deliver your audio anywhere in any format. Accessing your connected radios through the integrated handset interface also means you don't lose the ability to communicate on your devices once tethered.




In situations where fixed infrastructure is down or unavailable, VoyagerCell is the ideal solution to provide disaster response, intelligence, security, law enforcement and defense teams with secure voice, voice and data, push-to-talk and a range of other capabilities for reliable communications in times of need.



Adapt your existing Voyager module for outdoor and vehicular use with VoyagerTR (a vehicle tactical router). VoyagerTR provides an IP67 sealed enclosure which allows a VoyagerESR, VoyagerVM or VoyagerSW14 to be powered from a MIL-STD 1275D 28V vehicle power supply.


Management of HAIPE encryption devices requires sophisticated logistics systems for deployment and life-cycle management. This is made more difficult when a number of different types of HAIPE devices need to be supported. This task is made much easier with VoyagerHAIPE.


VoyagerFX2 delivers a fiber media converter capability housed in the standard Voyager network module form factor (7.4” W x 6.3” L x 2” H). VoyagerFX2 provides two Perle Fast Ethernet media converters and also contains an integrated power supply to leverage the Voyager power backplane.