Recharge multiple batteries quickly and efficiently with a single rugged solution.

NERV CENTR MISSION ADAPTIVE CHARGING STATION or MAX-8 is an intelligent battery charging system that is uniquely flexible. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of expeditionary operations, the MAX-8 can draw power from virtually any source, and can charge different types of batteries simultaneously – with no reprogramming needed. The intelligent plug-and-play power management system automatically evaluates the power source and adjusts charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time. This lightweight, rugged, charging system reduces weight and bulk, simplifies logistics, and enhances operational capability – so troops can focus on their mission, not their batteries.



  • Battery Bays

    • 4 Universal (accept up to 2 batteries per bay)

  • USB Ports

    • 4 Ports, up to 5A (compatible with iPad and other large devices)

  • Input

    • 0-5VDC at 20A

  • Dimensions

    • 50.5 × 40.0 × 18.8 cm (H×W×D)

  • Weight

    • 4.5 kg

  • Operating Temperature

    • -20 to 55°C


  • AeroVironment® RQ-11B Raven® and RQ-20 Puma®

  • Aeryon Skyranger™ R60 (platform and ground station)

  • BB-2590

  • BB-2001

  • BB-2557

  • BB-2600

  • BB-2800

  • BB-2847

  • BB-2847

  • Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB)

  • Nerv Centr® SharePack® and SoloPack™ Batteries

  • PRC-148

  • PRC-152

  • PRC-153

  • PRC-154

  • Vector™ 120